The BIOSA/BIO5 Student Networking Event (SINE) provides students and industry representatives an opportunity to network. SINE 2017 commenced on February 7, 2017.

Over 200 students and representatives from 31 organizations helped making this a great event.

Thank you all so much! We are looking forward to working with you again for SINE 2018!

This is not a regular career fair. Rather, it aims at providing an opportunity for you to network with industry representatives, explore careers in their organizations and find out how to best position yourself to work with them. Bring your resume along, though, as some of the attending companies might also have immediate openings for positions and/or internships. In addition, UA Career Services will commence a Professional Communications workshop and previous industry interns and UA alumni will provide information about why internships are important and how to go about securing one. Finally, the UA's Professional Science Masters Program in Applied Biosciences will hold an information session.