The 10. Student-Industry Networking Event (SINE 2018) will commence from 4:00-6:00 pm on February 6th, 2018.

Over 200 students and representatives from 25+ organizations are expected to participate. Regardless of whether your organization is actively recruiting for internships or positions or not, our students are looking forward to this opportunity to speak with you about how to prepare for jobs in industry, business, service organizations and/or administration. As in previous years, SINE 2018 targets undergraduate and graduate students in life sciences, medicine, chemistry, engineering, computer and information sciences and business.

Company registrations for SINE 2018 are now being accepted; please click here to open and complete the registration form.

We are looking forward to working with you again at SINE 2018!

Contact Dr. Uwe Hilgert (hilgert \at/ email.arizona.edu) if you have any questions about SINE 2018, the registration form and/or recruiting UA students.

SINE company participants are listed here.